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Internship Are you concerned about climate change? Are you passionate to spent time for environment? Do you believe in change through children? Then welcome to alarmo. We  are providing internship opportunities where you can be part of our team and gain experience with research and on field activities related to our projects. Internship applications for year 2022 is open now. […]


Internship Are you concerned about climate change?  Do you believe in change through children? Then welcome to alarmo. We are providing internship opportunities to people who would like to spend their time on the conservation of the environment. You will be able to improve your skills and explore your interest in working for the environment. responsibilities for interns: 1) Content […]


Supporters Would you like to support alarmo in achieving our vision? Then you can support in following ways 1)Donation: You can support us financially or in kind to accomplish our objectives. You can donate to our organization account which will be updated soon or you can contact us to know more about it. 2) Resource persons: You can support in […]

Our story

Our story alarmo is a non-profit organization founded in 2021 and got registered as a public trust in 2022. It was during 2018 when Kerala was severely hit by the devastating flood our founder Akhina was involved in volunteering for the relief activities then the youth initiative gave birth to an organization called Fireflies which focuses on empowering youth to involve in […]

Scire Natura

Scire Natura (to know the nature) https://drive.google.com/file/d/12v0rSUyZl0N922oIraqSJaoFuv9ZgwHX/view?usp=share_link Do you want to test how much you know about our environment? Or are you someone who wants to improve your knowledge on the same? Then this game for you! While playing this game, you will encounter the cause, consequences, and solutions to different environmental issues. Game Components:– Wooden board with an outline […]

Project Track the Trash

Project Track the Trash Trash means something refused and it becomes a trouble when it is not managed properly. Trash can become a threat to the entire ecosystem so it is very important to have sustainable methods to manage the trash. If you want to manage the trash first of all you should be aware of the different categories of […]

Project Urava

ഉറവ (Project Urava) Urava means the beginning of a water flow and here we refer it as the starting to our initiative. Urava is a scholarship  project with children. Through this project, we are initiating to unlock the potential within our children. During the project, they are going to explore their connection with nature through arts, camps, and a lot […]