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About us

What we do

Floods, cyclones, landslides are not strange to us. Kerala has faced two major floods, flash floods, more than 300 landslides and more than 20 cyclones from 2018-2021 only. It is obvious that mankind plays a big role is accelerating climate change. To act urgently to solve the climate change is the need of the hour. 

In alarmo we are empowering children to become environmentally responsible leaders to lead the community to  restore environment.

Through our one-year scholarship program we  support the children to learn about causes, consequences and solutions of different environmental issues that effecting different sectors as a result of climate change. Our scholarship program is   based on three phased curricula through experiential learning.

Three Phases Of Scholarship Program

Let's Learn

Initial stage includes camps, workshops, experiments and exposure visits. To develop learnings on different environmental issues focused on five sectors, water, air, energy, biodiversity and waste and the possible mitigatory measures.

Let's share

Second stage where children learn about different modes of communications to develop effective communication with community. They will learn how to use art,public speaking, film making,campaigns etc for effective communication

Let's Act

In third phase children will form task forces called Cuckoos in the community. Cuckoos will organize campaigns and will implement activities like clean up drives and tree planting with the involvement of the community to restore the local environment.

Our Team

photo of akhina,founder of alarmo

Akhina Mohan V K


Nothing makes me more furious than the mistreatment and irresponsibility  towards the environment. However, I never had the courage to stand up and speak out. Participating in relief work during the 2018 Kerala flood helped me to break out of my shell. Through alarmo I want the people to become environmentally responsible.

Our Partners

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