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ഉറവ (Project Urava)

Urava means the beginning of a water flow and here we refer it as the starting to our initiative.

Urava is a scholarship  project with children. Through this project, we are initiating to unlock the potential within our children. During the project, they are going to explore their connection with nature through arts, camps, and a lot more activities. They are going to reconnect with nature to learn the importance to conserve it. The one year program is designed as a three phase journey refering  to the different stages of water flow from stream then river then ends in the sea.

അരുവി(Stream phase)

The first phase is called the stream. Stream phase was a fifteen-day camp with fifteen children. This phase was an introductory phase where the ideas of urava were introduced to  children. During the stream phase, we conducted an exposure visit to Gurukula botanical garden. Each day of camp was filled with a lot of learning. Our children were amazing with their knowledge of many wild fruits and medicinal plants. We also conducted a  small cleanup drive competiton near their learning centre. The clean up drive helped them in realizing the importance of waste management. We also invited few guest mentors who interacted with our children. 

camp day 1
camp image_
camp image
children interacts and play with mentor
image from exposure visit to Gurukula
image from camp where children makes bioenzyme
children making art work with newspaper
Adv. Sruthi interacts with children about environmental laws
child drawing picture about their dream forest
children watching our planet series
children sharing their knowledge about different wild fruits and medicinal plants
children completing tasks for treasure hunt trial run
children collecting trash
bottlefilling during treasure hunt
group picture of children on last day of camp
Ice breaking session- Camp day 01
A walk out to nature- Camp day 02
Splash in the stream- Camp day 03
Self-awareness test game - Camp day 04
Exposure visit to Gurukula garden- Camp day 05
Little experiments to learn- Camp day 06
Creative art with newspaper- Camp day 07
Learning about law- Camp day 08
Presenting the dream forest- Camp day 09
Our Planet, movie time- Camp day 10
Sharing knowledge- Camp day 11
Team work matters- Camp day 12
Let's pick the trash- Camp day 13
In search of treasure- Camp day 14
Come on say cheese- Camp day 15
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നദി(River phase)

The river phase of urava held from 28th December 2022 to 1st of January 2023. The river phase was a five day camp with the participation of 19 children among which three where from the urban background. Through the river phase we wanted to support the interaction among children from different background which will enhance the sharing of learnings and knowledge about nature. Making herbarium, forest walk, foraging of fruits, clean-up drive where few among the activities held during the camp.

Children with their herbarium-01
During waste collection-01
children with collected waste-01
New year celebration-01
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കടല്‍(Sea phase)

The sea phase of urava held from 20th April 2023 to 21st  of May 2023. The sea phase was a twenty day camp with the participation of 16 children . During this phase we included activities such as cycling, swimming, farming, waste management, herbal product making and exposure visits. We had two exposure visits in which one was a residential one held at Thalassery and one to the medicinal plant conservation area protected by forest department.

Image taken during storytelling session held near stream
Group photo of children with their cycles
Image from exposure visit to the medicinal plant conservation area protected by forest department
Children playing in the stream
Children engaged in farming works
Image from calisthenics session
Image taken during cycling session
image taken during the exposure visit where children playing with the waves
Story telling session with children lead by Parthiv Sourav
Children with the team during the cycling session
Forest watcher leading the team into the forest to
Children playing with water during the swimming
Children making support system for the plants they
Calisthenics trainer Musavvir leading session on health caring
Children during their cycling session
Children enjoying the waves for the first time
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Project Track the Trash

trach being dumped in a hill area
image taken during beach clean up at sankumukam beach with Sustera team
Trash dumped at outskirts of city
waterbody in trivandrum with trash
beach clean up at calicut
Trash dumped in Kanakamala hill side in Kannur
Beach clean up at Sankumukam with Sustera foundation
Trash dumped in the public space in Trivandrum
The trash dumped in river in Trivandrum
beach Clean up drive at Calicut with Sustera foundation

Trash means something refused and it becomes a trouble when it is not managed properly. Trash can become a threat to the entire ecosystem so it is very important to have sustainable methods to manage the trash. If you want to manage the trash first of all you should be aware of the different categories of trash and how to segregate them.

Through the project track the trash we are planning to work with different communities in Kerala on training them on trash management which includes tracking the trash, segregating, and disposing of it.

Currently, we are working on the first phase of this project which is research to find the challenges in trash management in Kerala where we want to hear from the public, government and other stakeholders related to the trash management sector.