• Reg no: 19/IV/2022
  • info[at}alarmo[dot]in
  • Thalassery, Kerala

Scire Natura (to know the nature)

Do you want to test how much you know about our environment? Or are you someone who wants to improve your knowledge on the same? Then this game for you! While playing this game, you will encounter the cause, consequences, and solutions to different environmental issues.

Game Components:
– Wooden board with an outline map of India
– Wooden dice
– 4 tokens with different shapes
– 50 knowledge cards, 4 start-cards

Game Rules:

The game is played between 2-4 players, and it is played with dice and tokens. There will be certain knowledge fields in the game with knowledge cards. The rules of the game are as follows:

·       The game has four starting points from south, north, east, and west of India, and the game ends in central India.

·       When the game starts the player draws randomly one card from a set of four start cards to identify the route from where the game starts. For example, if the chosen card says south (denoted by S) then the player starts from south to center.

·       The players move their tokens from the start point according to the number they roll with the dice.

·       There are five knowledge fields in each path. Every time you land on or cross a knowledge field you must choose one card from the deck.

·       The player gets the score only after convincing other players with answers to the questions mentioned in the knowledge cards.

·       The game ends by reaching the center point with a maximum point.

·       The player with the maximum score wins the game so it is important to cross the knowledge fields as well as to answer the questions.

Knowledge Card Details:

·       There are a total of 50 cards, including 21 crisis cards, 13 opportunity cards, 6 danger cards, 5 bonus cards, and 5 stop cards.

·       Crisis cards: There will be some environmental issues or crises mentioned. The player must talk about the cause, consequences, or solutions as mentioned in the card and the player must convince the other players. If the answer is convincing to all other players, the player gets the score mentioned on the card.

·       Opportunity cards: A topic will be mentioned in the card (with a small explanation) related to the environment. The player must give answers to the questions mentioned in the card. If the answer is convincing to the other players, then the player gets the score mentioned on the card.

·       Danger card: This is the danger card where certain environmental disasters or catastrophes are mentioned, and the player must go two steps backward and continue the game.

·       Bonus cards: This card is a bonus that gives one more chance to play.

·       Stop cards: If this card is drawn the player loses one turn to play in the next round of the game.