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  • Thalassery, Kerala

Why we need to act?

Climate change is real and is visible in various parts of world in different forms. In 2021, we saw a heavy flood during the summer in Germany, heat waves in cold regions of Canada, and a series of devastating cyclones in India. The latest IPCC report points to the need for immediate actions to mitigate climate change for the survival of human life.

The major reasons behind the irresponsible behavior of people are:

Changes in our culture, becoming consumerist, which drastically increases our carbon footprint.

Our education system has failed to inculcate habits of conservation in us despite environmental education being mandatory in the curriculum.

Our behavioral pattern causes us to be always reactionary to natural calamities, but not to proactively treat the environment well. There are interventions held by different organizations, including awareness campaigns, protests, and school-based projects. However, we still need to work on making most of us realize the danger we are in, and act accordingly to save what is left of the future.

image taken during the interaction with children
Learning together
Interacting with children during the first phase of our project urava
image taken during the waste segregation with the children
Waste Segregation
Children engaged in waste segregation

What we do?

alarmo works with young people between the ages of 8 and 14; we refer to them as Cuckoos. These youngsters will be going through a one year long scholarship from alarmo. The scholarship has four faces, and the entire curriculum is geared toward raising awareness of climate change and bringing forth activities to protect the local environment through involvement in the community. Camps, field trips, and workshops will all be a part of the scholarship. The entire curriculum will be created to offer children environmental-educational-experiential learning, with the goal of empowering them to become climate leaders and inspiring the community’s elders to get involved in environmental preservation. Through our projects we want to equip the children with skills, such as leadership, communication, team building. We want the children to connect them selves with nature so that they get strong  urge to stand for the restoration of environment.

What are our values?

Responsibility: Responsibility is the first value represent our venture. We keep this value in all perspective from donor, beneficiary and within the team.

Accountability: Being an organization we believe to be accountable for each money and asset that belong to our venture as it should be for the benefit of beneficiaries.

Transparency: Transparency is a key value to be followed in our venture to keep our credibility. It also make us trustworthy with donors as well as with our target group.

Mutual respect: We follow mutual respect between people irrespective of caste, race, sex religion, age and hierarchy.

Equality (flattened hierarchy): We follow equality in our team as we follow more over a flattened hierarchy which everyone has equal responsibility.

Punctuality: We respect each ones time so we will make sure our punctuality in every work that we initiate.

Consistency: We follow our values and philosophy and also make sure that we maintain our consistency in creating social impacts. It is also important to maintain the consistency in the connection with donors as well as beneficiaries.

Ecofriendly: Being an organization for environmental conservation we prefer ecofriendly way of structure and strategies throughout our journey.

Trust: Trust is an important value to be have to keep our credibility. This value is applicable for donors, beneficiaries and team.Trust is a base of building relationships.